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Goddess Kate Alexis - Stroke for Secretary (Mesmerize)

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Goddess Kate Alexis - Stroke for Secretary (Mesmerize)

The candidate for your new secretary job opening is here for the interview. She seems very nice and personable, well spoken. So well-spoken in fact that you find it strangely hard to look away or concentrate on anything else. It's as though all that stress and hassle you've been holding onto lately just... slips away.A glimpse of something shiny and pretty catches your eye, the secretary's pendant swinging against her delicious cleavage. She has a VERY keen interest in the job, and she's adamant you're going to give it to her! It's so easy to give in, to just let her take control over your mind.When she snaps those fingers and calls you 'Good Boy' you're lost, like putty in her capable hands. You WANT to be her slave, her everything. Stroke your cock to her addictive commands, it feels so very GOOD to be her stroking bitch, her goon, pumping over and over every day at work as she commands. The secretary has become the BOSS.Featuring: Mesmerize, mind control, mindfuck, slow mesmerize, secretary, triggers, good boy, finger snaps, eye contact, asmr sounds, whispers, 3dio binauralJerk Off Instruction-JOI, MesmerizeASMR, British Accent, Female Domination, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement, Mind Fuck, Mind Melt, Secretary, Seduction, Seductress,
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