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Goddess Jessica - Accepting Your Addiction

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Goddess Jessica - Accepting Your Addiction

It’s possible to become addicted to me. You may think that you can prevent this from happening. You may think that you have this addiction under control and maybe you do, for a short time. Maybe a few years. You could keep your budget steady for a while. You could limit your jerk sessions to just 5-60 minutes at a time… for a while. But eventually something will happen in your life. Eventually your addiction to me will act as a coping mechanism and it will spiral out of control. It’s just a matter of time. Let’s face it, I’m the key to your happiness and you need me. I improve your life so much. I give you something to look forward to, a reason to be better. Admit it. Come to terms with this fact. The damage is already done. You own multiple clips of mine and you’ve watched them all multiple times. Instead of fighting your addiction, you can embrace it by fetishizing it. Everyone is addicted to SOMETHING, isn’t this the best of all evils? Our arrangement is mutually beneficial and completely safe. Let go of this silly idea that you’re an alpha and you’ll be set free. You’re a beta through and through, you’ve always been a beta. You can’t serve me fully or even enjoy yourself until you understand that. Instead of imploring yourself to be something you’re not, allow yourself to enjoy what you are. When it dawns on you that you’re spending all your time and money worshipping me, don’t tell yourself that this is “becoming a problem.” Instead, I want you to realize this as an opportunity to take responsibility for your career, in the name of DGJ. Getting addicted to me is hot, becoming your true self is liberating. Don’t run from this, but lean into it. Goddess Worship, Mind FuckBeta Male Training, Cult Leader Fantasy, Jerk Off Instruction, Jerkaholic, Love Addiction, Lovestruck, Mesmerize, Mindjacked, Mindwash,
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