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Clubstiletto – Big Ass, wet tongues and Juicy Farts – Goddess Amelia

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Clubstiletto – Big Ass, wet tongues and Juicy Farts – Goddess Amelia

Goddess Amelia is sitting on her discipline bench with her big fat ass hanging over it, after giving you a good look she calls her slave over to sniff it and then give it some gentle licks. She wants a deep ass rimming from him but first she has to fart. She blasts a super wet one right in his face. “You love it, don’t you?” she asks him before pushing him off and telling you to come in closer. She spreads her cheeks wide so you get a birds eye view of her succulent dank anus. She asks if you want to be her toilet? Some really great angles of her ass and asshole in this clip both with her slave licking it and him being pushed back so you can get even a better look. She goes from her on camera slave to you so it’s a nice combination of real action and POV. She calls her slave in again and has him kiss all-over her ass cheeks. The Goddess suddenly realizes she is dripping wet. She gets up on all fours on the bench and makes the slave lick her soles while he gazes at her ass. She farts again and says “It won’t be long” which means she has to take a dump. Which slave should she use for that?
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