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Mistress Vixen - Birthday Treat Burn And Beat pt2

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Mistress Vixen - Birthday Treat Burn And Beat pt2

One of Mistress Vixen’s slaves is lucky enough to join her for a session a few days after his birthday. Mistress Vixen likes birthdays and takes a nice long time to ponder the slaves plight as she sits smoking and burning him whilst she looks oh so gorgeous and he is bound naked and vulnerable on her whipping bench. Mistress Vixen is feeling so happy she even sings happy birthday to the slave, whilst also musing that it has been quite a while since she "let herself go" beating a slave - that sets the scene nicely!The smoking and burning was a very gentle 4 minute introduction for what is to come, the remaining 34 minute and the main section of this clip is a brutal beating during which Mistress Vixen uses crops, a quirt, a tawse, canes, single tails and bullwhip to celebrate and ensure this really is a birthday that will live forever in this males memories. The beating certainly brings very obvious joy to Mistress Vixen’s beautiful face, and equally obvious damage to the slaves wretched fleshHave to say it is a great video and so wonderful to see Mistress Vixen clearly enjoying herself so much as she lets go!
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