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Astro Domina - Bi-Focused Leg Worship

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Astro Domina - Bi-Focused Leg Worship

You love my bulging calves and thick, muscular legs, and I love using them against you!Look at you, already weak at your knees, staring down at Goddess Sydney's legs. She notices you drooling to them and she doesn't blame you. She spends a lot of time toning and sculpting them. Notice how they bulge out, kind like a hard cock... is that why you love them? Because they make you think of a nice juice cock, leg boy? Of course it is, not only are you a leg and calf lover, but you're a cock lover as well! Don't you just want to lick and suck and worship her calves, like they were a couple of giant cocks? Well, she will allow you to but she wants you to jerk off while you do it! Prove to her what a calf-cock lover you are!She even oils up her calves and legs so they shine right in your face. She demands you keep jerking while licking and worshipping her legs, but you're only going to cum when she says so! Do you even deserve it though? Watch and find out!
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