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Junglefever69X - Cis Turned Sissy: Volumes 1-3
Junglefever69X - Cis Turned Sissy: Volumes 1-3
Junglefever69X - Cis Turned Sissy: Volumes 1-3

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Junglefever69X - Cis Turned Sissy: Volumes 1-3

Cis Turned Sissy - You get so insecure around BBC, is it because he’s more of a man than you? Quit thinking about all the things you lack compared to black cock, when you could be thinking of all the ways you can please him. Don’t be shy, I know this is what you wanted all along. Come on, take a lick you won’t be able to resist. Soon enough, you’ll have cum trickling down your throat. Submitting to BBC, will lead to your new empowerment.Cis Turned Sissy: Out And Proud - It’s a new chapter in your life and you’re ready to celebrate. What better way than with a mouth full of cock? You’ll never want to look back at your dull past, when there is so much more to look forward to in the future. Being a sissy should fill you with pride, you finally get to be the slut you were destined to be. Once you step into this world, you will never be the cis you were before.Cis Turned Sissy: Bimbos Do It Better - Bimbos always do it better, that’s why I’m turning you into one. Oh hush, you’re gonna sit that slutty ass down so I can give you a nice makeover. Don’t be so shy, you better get used to all the attention you’ll get once I’m done with you.
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