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Please Don't Call the Cops – Dungeon of Cum

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Please Don't Call the Cops – Dungeon of Cum

Misty is an all American girl…studying in college, trying to find her way….happy and young…healthy and beautiful…and tonight she’s all dressed up and trying to score some party favors before meeting her friends at a club…so she waits behind the club for her delivery…the dirty drug dealer arrives and Misty is on her way to a crazy night…but not the way she had planned…the night club security gaurd catches her in the act…he witnesses the transaction and confronts the anxious coed…a good girl like this is willing to do just about anything to avoid the police…so she agrees to any solution that doesnt involve the cops…the gaurd cuffs her and fucks her face right there in the alley…he carries her inside, drags her down a hallway and now that he has her safe and bound, he fucks her into the night…Misty is the perfect fuck slave and she does her best to please the gaurd…This is a fantasy shoot and Misty Stone is actually a porn star and a very hot one. Of course, Derrick is a porn actor as well. This shoot features role playing and both Misty and Derrick were happy to create this content for us.
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