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Shiny Bound – Ashley Wolf.. The Jogger Part 2

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Shiny Bound – Ashley Wolf.. The Jogger Part 2

Now in part 2, poor Ashley finds herself tied face down on the bed. She is now ballgagged, and her wrists are tied behind her and attached down to the headboard. Each ankle is tied to either side of the headboard as well. Theres a single rope tied around her upper chest and anchored up to the foot board, and this configuration with the oppositional bed ties has her in quite a pickle! The masked intruder is no where to be found, so this may be her chance to escape and go for help! She struggles hard, thrashing from side to side as her slippery leggings slide around on the silky sheets. She drools all over the place trying her best to push the gag out of her mouth. Finally, she is successful in slipping a wrist loose! She breathes a sigh of relief, and then goes to work trying to untie the rest of the ropes. She unties the chest rope and flings it off. Next to untie her ankles! She gets one free and goes for the second!! Just then, the masked man comes from behind and grabs her! He wrestles her back down on the bed and gets ahold of her wrists. Exhausted from her escape attempt, poor Ashley slumps down and begins to sob.. It seems our masked intruder isn’t quite finished with her..
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