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Princess Miki - True Goddess Worship
Princess Miki - True Goddess Worship
Princess Miki - True Goddess Worship

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Princess Miki - True Goddess Worship

** NOTE: Before pressing play… breathe. Relax. You are in for an exceptionally erotic, meditational experience. Don’t let anything distract you.Wear headphones. Flood your ears with My voice, My whispers, and the binaurals that will assist you with going deeper (wear headphones for the audio preview as well).Turn off the lights. Get comfortable. For the next few moments, this is all you want to see and hear. **What do the words “Goddess worship” mean to you? It’s most definitely a popular fetish in the world of Female Domination. If you are a submissive man, it makes sense.Imagining a Woman — a mere mortal — as a Deity who can reduce you to something so weak, so small, so powerless… is so erotic, right?Except with Me, you don’t have to imagine. This is real.You are weak. You are powerless. You are small, as long as you are in My presence.“Goddess Worship” is no longer metaphorical, thanks to Me. It’s no longer something that merely turns you on, either.You see Me as a Goddess, because I am a Goddess.I am your religion, and you are My disciple.I don’t just make you feel weak; you ARE weak in My presence. But the reality of your weakness and powerlessness triggers a type of pleasure you never knew could exist.Yes, this still turns you on. I still turn you on. It’s a religion that is rooted in sexual desire, but this lust has transformed into something bigger, and it’s taken you to new heights. Your sexual pleasure is now just a product of your undying love and dedication.What began as lust and pleasure-seeking has bloomed into newfound purpose. This is the bigger picture you have stumbled upon.You love Me… you adore Me… you worship Me… and we most definitely are not playing pretend.This is true Goddess worship.
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