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Kiffafeet - Kiffa squirt on cucks` face while being fucked and stepping on Cuck face - CUCKOLD CUM LICK EP 4

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Kiffafeet - Kiffa squirt on cucks` face while being fucked and stepping on Cuck face - CUCKOLD CUM LICK EP 4

Kiffa somehow said that she was cheated by the extremely small penis hubby. ( we don't know how this is possible, but, ok!) She is wearing her sexy red vinyl boots.Her pathetic hubby arrives and discovers that his spouse (Kiffa) is not happy with him. She makes him give her money, credit card, clean up, house chores, etc. But she's not happy yet. She makes her hubby put a chastity device, to make sure he doesn't use his small penis in any way.Kiffa is waiting for her new boyfriend. We almost fell bad for the cucky hubby! He looks very stupid and sad being Kiffa cucky!Kiffa`s alpha lover arrives and is greeted by Kiffa`s cucky hubby. The alpha didn't even know who he was! The alpha lover is bossy too, he is horny and arrives with her cock already hard to fuck with cucky`s wife. Kiffa humiliates him saying that her hubby, or ex-hubby just serves to pay her bills. anything more.Kiffa and her alpha lover make fun of hubbys tiny cock on chastity. and makes him lick her red vinyl boots soles, while they kiss, and her alpha lover kiss kiffa.Kiffa does a handjob on her alpha lover while hubby licks her soles. They still make fun of hubbys ridiculous tiny cock size. Cucky serves the new couple drinks while they have fun.Kiffa is very mean and makes the cuck wear new sneakers on the alpha lover, it is a present that kiffa bought with cuck`s money.Kifa makes cuck lick her lover`s shoe soles too, not only her soles. She makes him blowjobs her heels, and makes fun, because her heels are bigger than cuck`s little cock. And he is gagging on it.Finnaly, Kiffa makes the cuck be their footstool whiles they kisses, and finnaly, while they fuck and she uses him as a footstep. She steps on cuck's face while they fuck hard and sexy ( The sex is real, and her orgasm was real too).Kiffa literally orgasms and squirts from being fucked hard by her lover, while stepping on cuck's face. She squirts on cuck's face.Kiffa is a whore to her lover, with him pulling her hair and slapping, and all cuck`s deserves, is being stepped by her, being her carpet andKiffa makes the cuck lick her foot full of squirt juices and the lover`s cum. Her lover cum on her feet and on cuck's face.
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