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Blazed Brat - Fart Fetish Custom For Alex

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Blazed Brat - Fart Fetish Custom For Alex

Femdom POV video where your my new next-door neighbor. I learn that you have practically no social life or local familial/social ties (no gf/SO/[email protected]/friends as you've just moved here alone from another far away town/city) you are pretty much completely isolated and atomized. This spurs me to eventually act on a plan to take you all for myself, I proceed to subdue and hide you away in my place, b1nding you up with no hope of escape. Why? To torment, degrade, dominate and destroy you with my farts and butt for my own sick sadistic kicks and fun of course.I make your life a living hell doing cruel, humiliating, and disgusting to you such as: experiencing my fat bare, sweaty gassy bum all up and personal; making you tongue my rear chute while it's belting out wet raunchy farts; making you eat my farts; stuffing your nose up my greasy butthole; smugly verbally degrading and threatening to do worse/grosser things with my butt. Wrecking and ruining you with my powerful plump rear-no queefs, SFX's, or mouth sounds for the farts-lots of dialogue, dirty talk, verbal,
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